11 Reasons the Best Email Marketing Service for Creators is Convertkit

Best Email Marketing Service

The best email marketing service is easy to use,
works for you, saves you time, and makes more sales.

Let me tell you mine and why.

One thing you need to know is... I L-O-V-E efficiency.

It's like air to me.

I began email marketing in 2012 with MailChimp and it was great for sending content.

Then I learned about autoresponders searched for the best email marketing service that did that.

As a result, I switched to AWeber for "more" automation, to make more contacts with my subscribers and supposedly sell my products on "auto-pilot".

A few years after using AWeber, they came out with more automation features. I watched a webinar where they explained their new features and how great they would be.

When I tried using their new tools, they proved to be very IN-efficient, nor did I understand their purpose.

Shortly after the less effective AWeber webinar, I determined they weren't the best email marketing service and was introduced to Convertkit.

Within a short amount of time and research...I was "Convert"-ed ;)

Along with being crazy efficient, the following reasons are why I use Convertkit and why I think...

...they are the best email marketing service for creators, solopreneurs, and small businesses.

1. Super Simple to Use

If you have all your content written, you can login, create a new broadcast, choose the group of people you want to send it to, copy and paste, and be ready to send it out in 3 steps...literally!

Best Email Marketing Service

More importantly, this applies to creating multi-sequence follow up emails. What takes 5-6 steps to create one email in a sequence in other platforms...

...was on one screen in Convertkit. 

Creating follow up emails is so fast...and you don't have to jump back and forth to tons of webpages to view, edit, update, or delete your messages.

This also makes copying content from one message to another very convenient.

Best Email Marketing Service

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2. Automations Do Significant Heavy Lifting

Convertkit’s automation rules let you do virtually anything quickly and easily.

Until I began using Convertkit I didn’t fully understand how to unleash the pure horsepower of email marketing.

Using their software you can set up 1 automation rule that will trigger endless functions and save you hours of doing it manually.

Best Email Marketing Service

For example:

At the very least, you should have an automation of 3-4 emails set up as a welcome sequence when someone subscribes to receive content from you.

But let's take it a step (or more) further.

How about when someone buys a product from you.

You can create one automation that:

  • Tags the person as a customer (so you don't try to sell them the same product twice)
  • Removes the "Interest" tag that you labeled them with earlier in your sales sequence
  • Unsubscribes them from an automated sales sequence
  • Upsells them on a related product
  • Sends them bonus content you promised for buying the product

Are you getting this?!

Best Email Marketing Service

And if you are more of a visual person, Converkit also has a Visual Automation builder if you prefer to build your automations that way.

Best Email Marketing Service

I’ll share with you a little something I’m developing to give you an idea of how you can really make automations work for you.

I’m currently revamping my sequences to do this:

When a reader subscribes to one of my lead magnets they are sent a welcome series after subscribing. When that sequence ends they will then be subscribed to 3 additional follow up sequences:

  1. The 1st will send the reader helpful content each week on Mondays at 7pm for a year (and I’m working on increasing it to 2 years).

  2. The 2nd will pitch my subscriber 2 times a month on one of my products followed by a value based sales sequence if they click to show interest. (<— very important)

  3. The 3rd will provide my subscriber with a freebie each Friday at noon for the first 3 months after they join my list (I’m working on increasing this amount too).

Unless they unsubscribe, all of this happens auto-MAGICALLY after they put their name and email in O-N-E form on my site!

Am I blowing your mind right now?

Believe me when I say…all of this and more is possible with Convertkit’s automation rules.

I hope this gets your mind churning about all of the possibilities that exist.

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3. Integrations Connect Easily

In the world of email marketing services there are unique and complex needs that some users have, whereas others only have a few.

The beauty of Convertkit is how easily it integrates with so many additional services.

Best Email Marketing Service

And even if you don’t see a particular platform that you work with, you can hook up to Zapier with connects to more than 1500 different web applications.

All of this helps you be more efficient, lean, and free's up your time to create.

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4. Tagging & Segmenting Save Tons of Time

Convertkit will open up your world to creating mini targeted audiences within your list.

Gone are the days of “email blasts” and bugging the crap out of your entire list with every message you have to send.

With Convertkit you use:

  • Tags to group readers by interest level
  • Segments to send email to a group of tagged individuals
Best Email Marketing Service

Even better…you can automate this with one of my favorite rules: the Link Trigger.

Whenever you run any type of promotion (content article, free download, webinar, product pitch, product sale, new video) you can tag interested users.

This allows you to send future related content or follow up emails to those who showed interest in your promotion by clicking.

It really is the best email marketing service.

Best Email Marketing Service
Best Email Marketing Service

By clicking through, your readers are psychologically making mini-commitments.

This drastically improves open rates and click throughs in follow up emails.

It also ensures that your emails get delivered and helps them stay out of SPAM folders, plus you won’t annoy readers who ignore the first email.

In my account, I currently have over 90 different tags.

If I want to consistently send content to a specific group of people with the same interests, I simply create a segment/group of those tags once.

Then all I have to do is send to that segment instead of individually select all the tags of the group every time I want to email them.

HUUUUUGE time saver.

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5. Analytics are Straightforward

When you login, you're instantly shown a 30 day snapshot of subscriber increases/losses, total subscriber count, average open rate, average click rate, and new subscriber count.

Best Email Marketing Service

All the important information you need in a 5 second glance.

Broadcast, sequence, and landing page analytics are the same.

A quick view helps you know your performance lightning fast.

What content are your readers liking most, what sequences or sequence emails should be tweaked, and what lead magnets are working vs. the ones that aren’t.

Then if you want to dive into deeper information or perform other tasks, you can take a closer look.

Broadcast Analytics

Best Email Marketing Service

Deeper Broadcast Analytics

Best Email Marketing Service

Sequence Analytics

Best Email Marketing Service

Deeper Sequence Analytics

Best Email Marketing Service

Landing Page Analytics

Best Email Marketing Service

It’s phenomenal data to have…all on 1 or 2 screens.

And be sure to keep a close eye on these numbers, because if you don’t…

…let me know what you want on your tombstone.

Your business's tombstone that is ;)

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6. Landing Pages & Forms Promote Growth & Understanding

Your landing page is the one of the most important pieces to building your email list

In my experience most website builders offer form fields to put on your site to collect emails, but making them communicate with your email platform, engage your audience, and convert your visitors is an entirely different can of worms.

Best Email Marketing Service

Converkit offers more than 25 fully customizable landing page templates that were built with one thing in mind

…beautifully displaying your message, converting your visitors into subscribers, and understanding who they are.

Best Email Marketing Service

If you prefer to make your own custom landing page they have a variety of capture forms that will help you create whatever your little heart desires.

Best Email Marketing Service

Since I make all business decisions with my gut and data (and I hope you do to), one of my favorite aspects about Convertkit's landing page builder is that you can integrate Google and Facebook analytics for more advanced tracking and specific insights about your subscribers.

Best Email Marketing Service

In this day and age it is so important that you cater to your subscribers based on interest, and having these advanced analytic engines working for you will help you better understand who your subscribers are and what they want.

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7. Re-send to Unopens Makes Easy Follow Up

If you have ever sent a “mass email” to a group of people you know there will always be a certain amount that won’t open, read, or engage with your message.

Another efficient feature that will save you time and get your message to more people is the “Resend to Unopens” button.

Best Email Marketing Service

I had never seen this in other email marketing platforms I’ve used in the past and was an instant fan.

Granted it typically has a lower open and clickthrough rate as the initial email, but when you have a large list and/or the value of a customer is worth higher dollar amounts, another 50, 100, 200 or more clicks is worth a lot!

One way I’ve had great success is resending the same content email on a different day about 7-10 days later.

Best Email Marketing Service

Subscribers on my list are busy (and so are yours) and for the most part they are happy for you to send them your valuable content that they “missed” (as long as you don’t overdo it).

Using the “Resend to Unopens” is the fastest way to do that for my subscribers.

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8. Double Opt-ins Reward Subscribers

If you’ve done any research on email marketing you know how effective using lead magnets can be (giving away something in exchange for a reader’s email address) to build your list.

It’s also likely you know how important it is to get your subscribers to “double opt-in”.

Best Email Marketing Service

Getting subscribers to verify their email address goes long ways with ESPs (email service providers) as well as your reader.

A double opt-in is a nice way for you to say “just checking…are you sure you want to get emails from me?” and even nicer for your reader to say “yes please”.

It also adds a higher level of legitimacy that spammers bypass.

Convertkit knows that this is an important element to have if you’re going to build a raving email list that open, click, and buy from you.

They have a slick way of combining the two by making the “double opt-in” confirmation the link for your reader to get the free content (lead magnet) they asked for.

Best Email Marketing Service

Instead of a boring “Confirm your email” of text that a user might gloss over, not verify, or delete altogether, your reader gets a rewarding “click here to get your free download".

To get the content they want, they click a button to download the lead magnet, and by doing so they are automatically double opted-in to your list.

Best Email Marketing Service

This will dramatically increase the percentage of subscribers who double opt-in to your list. It's good for you, your subscriber, and the ESPs...WIN-WIN-WIN!

Organic, efficient, and effective…3 ingredients for a successful business person.

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9. RSS Post Creation Makes Emails for You

Do your days ever feel like this?

As a creator, you wear tons of hats.

In many cases, you are the one who has to write your content, design graphics for it, SEO it, post it on social media, and prepare it to send to your subscribers.

But what if you didn’t have to prepare new articles for your subscribers, what if they were prepared for you…instantly…after you publish them.

Enter Convertkit’s RSS post creation automation.

Best Email Marketing Service

As creators, we spend a lot of time developing valuable content that will benefit our subscribers, it’s one of the most effective ways to build trust without having face to face interaction.

I don't know about you, but anything that can help remove “one more to-do" from my list is typically welcomed.

By linking up your site/blog RSS feed to Convertkit, anytime you publish a new article or post it is turned into a draft Broadcast, ready for you to tweak and schedule, saving you extra time from doing it manually.

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10. Responsive Customer Service & Extensive Education

Convertkit has a very responsive and helpful customer support.

Along with this is an active community to ask questions and a huge knowledgebase of Tutorials, Tips, and Troubleshooting guides.

Best Email Marketing Service

When writing this article, the adjectives “top-notch”, “industry leading”, and “stellar” all popped in my head to describe my experience with the few customer support issues I have had since becoming a customer in 2015.

As big of a fan as I am of Convertkit, those words weren’t descriptive and just sounded fake.


Best Email Marketing Service


Best Email Marketing Service

In my opinion, it is a given, that if the best email marketing service is charging you monthly or yearly, they should have fast and reliable customer support and resources for you to find solutions, for any questions you have…

…and Convertkit does.

Even if they didn’t have these things in place I would still use the platform, I just wouldn't love them as much ;)

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11. You Can Start for Free

Last but certainly not least. You can try Convertkit free!

When choosing the best email marketing service, I was hesitant to pay without trying it first.

Some companies have you enter a credit card number to start. They let you use the platform for so many days and if you decide to cancel you have to contact them to stop them from billing you.

Not Convertkit.

Their email marketing service sells itself and free means free.

Here's what to expect during the 1 minute, 3 step sign up process.

They ask a couple of questions to better understand your needs, you input your name and email, and you're ready to send out your first email broadcast.

You will be able to send unlimited Broadcast emails to up to 1000 people.

After you use their platform and decide to continue with a paid plan, simply enter your card details and you're all set.

At that point you will be able to use automations and sequences and send unlimited emails to as big of a list as you can build!

(Of course the price increases the bigger your list gets, but that's standard with any email marketing service).

*An Extra Perk*

Convertkit has a fun "Getting started" checklist that walks you through the basics and will reward you with a free T-shirt when you finish it!

Fast, simple, efficient.

I love using them and I know you will too.

They are the best email marketing service for solopreneurs, creators, and small businesses.

So what do you say? Are you ready to...

Get Started

If you need an email marketing service that is simple to use, has powerful features to save you time, and make you money, I confidently recommend using Convertkit.

PLUS, when you sign up with my affiliate link you will have the ability to send unlimited broadcasts to 1000 people, and...

...I will send you the following bonuses:

  • The Convertkit Quick Start Training Video
  • The "16 Ways to Use Email Marketing for Your Business" Guide

You have everything to gain when you...

**NOTE: If you are migrating from another Email Marketing Service, all paid Convertkit plans come with free migration to their service.

To get your bonuses, simply click the link above, create your free account with Convertkit, and email a screenshot of it to hello (at) strategyemailmarketing.com

Keep the Video and Guide even if you don't continue with Convertkit...
...but I'm pretty sure you will ;)

Talk to you soon.

You might be wondering...

Why are you doing this and giving me all of this great information for free?

I'll tell you why.

When you win...we both win!

I want to show you everything I know so you can grow your business with
email marketing. When you sign up with my affiliate link, I get paid a commission when you use Convertkit.

If what I teach you doesn't work or if Convertkit doesn't work for you, you won't use it and we both lose.

Your success is my priority.

One of my favorite quotes that I try to live by says:

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

- Zig Zigler