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Email Marketing Books

It's easy to find email marketing books online, but finding quality books that provide legitimate, actionable content to help you achieve your goals can be time consuming.

There are 2 purposes for the collection of books on this page.

Spoiler Alert!...they're not about money.

  1. To save you time in searching for the good ones.
  2. To push both you and I to keep our skills sharp.

Read Email Marketing Books to keep your skills sharp!

One author I really like (Grant Cardone) says "Successful people will read every book they can get their hands to find the nugget of information that will make them a million dollars. Unsuccessful people spend their time figuring out how to get it for half off."

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Email Marketing Books

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Email Marketing Books

Email Persuasion
Ian Brodie

A "Must read" for anyone doing email marketing!

This book is full of actionable tips, techniques, and expertise that will help anyone map out their entire email marketing strategy.

My book reviews are meant to help you decide which books are the best use of your time and money. Email Persuasion fits that description. I gained a ton of knowledge from this book and I'm confident that it will benefit you just as much...Read review

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Invisible Selling Machine
Ryan Deiss

This book has earned me a 10,000% return on investment!

The following email marketing book should be on every email marketers shelf. If you’ve been under utilizing your email, this book will change your life.

If you don't have the money to buy it new, buy used and if you don't have the money to buy it used, do whatever you have to do, legally of course, to purchase this book immediately...Read review

Email Marketing Books

Cold Email Manifesto
Alex Berman & Robert Indries

Very insightful, highly applicable to B2B companies

The strategies in this email marketing book were focused on business to business sales and they were so effective that I used them to get responses within 7-10 days.

This book doesn't teach you to write persuasive copy or make more product sales, but the author claims if you learn the lessons he shares, you'll always be able to make money...Read review

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300 Email Marketing Tips
Meera Kothand

Just fantastic! Don't do email marketing without reading this book!

This is an incredible email marketing book and overall marketing book that you need in your library, as it will become a trusted reference for you for the rest of your career.

It is a quick read of actionable tips and advice that can be implemented right away. I read the first 25 pages in 30 mins and instantly received fantastic insights...Read review

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Email Marketing DeMystified
Matthew Paulson

A solid and comprehensive resource 

This book makes one of the strongest arguments for using email marketing I’ve ever read and explains when you invest in email marketing, you know that the medium won’t be replaced by a bigger and better thing a few years from now.

The author shares case studies of  other businesses and details of how they used email marketing to grow each business...Read review

Email Marketing Books

How to Write Emails that Sell
Matt Bacak

Solid principles, but copy was a little hype-y

This email marketing book was pretty focused it seemed, for people who are a little bit more advanced on their email marketing. To me, he talks about the biggest secret of how to get your emails opened but never really addressed it.

This book focuses on people who already have a list and products to sell. So if you don’t have anything to sell yet or are just getting started this isn’t the book for you...Read review

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Email Marketing Books

The Email Marketing Playbook
Adella Pasos

"Needs more meat"

This review was a tough one to write, because I researched the author and she seems super legit. The problem I had with the book was that it didn't impress me as much as the author did.

The book lacked a lot of meat and I have paid less money for more valuable information with other email marketing books I've purchased...Read review

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Email Marketing Books

Email Marketing: 10 Proven Steps to Creating a Successful Email List and Build Authority with Email Marketing
Jerry Kershen


Despite O.k. Amazon ratings, I tried to find the golden nuggets in this book and there wasn't one to be found!

It's like the author just had all of these random thoughts and just put them down. The information in this book is generic, poorly organized, with terrible grammar...Read review

Email Marketing Books
Email Marketing Books

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