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Email Persuasion by Ian Brodie

Email Marketing Books

Right off the bat let me just tell you, your money will be well spent.

The content in here is incredible, and it will definitely up your email marketing game.

A couple of key takeaways that I want to share with you email marketing is super effective because:

  1. Everyone uses it
  2. It's personal
  3. It's perfect for follow up
  4. and It's scalable

Obviously, I wouldn’t be reviewing email marketing books with you if I didn't already believe that email marketing was super effective, but, I like those four points that Ian makes.

They were profound enough to write down to remember to share with you.

The next thing is, he says your success is determined by your ability to understand your target client and he goes into this in great detail.

He talks about how important it is to identify and create 2 to 3 ideal client personas which he talks about in the beginning, which is the foundation of your strategy.

You have to create these personas to outline your perfect customers characteristics, demographics, interests, goals, aspirations, problems, and issues they might be facing.

By doing that, all of the content that you're going to be creating can be based around those emotions, those feelings, and all those things that your perfect client is aspiring for.

Next thing, he says map out who they are, what their external targets and pressures are, their internal aspirations and challenges and their "know and feel factors".

He talks about this in the first 35 to 40 pages and the importance of client personas, so you can know how to help them the best and how you can create products to sell to them that are going to help solve their problems.

Plus, by doing so you'll have plenty of content ideas because you can tailor your content to meet those aspirations that they have.

Next thing, your email topics should focus on the things that your ideal client is already thinking about, the problems they suffer from, and any aspirations that they have.

Another important point that I wrote down, is how one of the most important factors of a lead magnet is the results the client will instantly get for an important and urgent problem they are facing.

This all goes back to knowing who your potential client or perfect client is and knowing that persona is going to help you create the most enticing lead magnet that's going to get more people subscribing to receive email from you.

Next, to maximize optins:

  1. Display perceived value subscribers will get
  2. Create an attractive incentive or lead magnet
  3. Minimize the friction to sign up (i.e. minimize form fields to complete) and give lots of opportunities all over your site for people to subscribe
  4. Minimize risk through a professional look and feel and use social proof via testimonials and/or subscriber count.

The last note that I took is that it gives great insight about subject lines and the importance of sender reputation.

That was one that was really important for me, because I know a lot of tips and techniques to sell the open, to stand out in the inbox and get people to notice your emails.

These are all great and they all work, but, his whole underlying philosophy about having the proper sender reputation talks about building relationships.

He says when you have a good relationship with someone it doesn't matter what time day or night that you send to them, they are going to open it, because they know it's coming from you and they know that when they open it they are going to have a positive outcome.

This is huge, and what every email marketer needs to aspire to.

He taught that there are techniques that you can use to stand out in inboxes, there's ways that you can get seen, but really the best way to be seen is to be seen as someone who is a reputable sender.

What you want to do is create a reputation with your subscribers as somebody who is going to send them value, somebody who is going to entertain them, and someone who isn't going to waste their time.

So instead of tactics and techniques Ian discusses more of an underlying psychological strategy to get your emails opened by having a positive sender reputation.

Those are a bunch of really great points that he talks about and he talks about a lot more like this in the book as well.

I highly, highly, highly, recommend it!

Whether or not you're getting started or depending on where you are in your journey of email marketing I highly recommend you buy this book and read it at some point in time because it will give you a very deep understanding of how to be successful and use email marketing properly.

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