Email Marketing Welcome Messages that Build Trust with Readers & Email Providers

Email Marketing Welcome Messages

You need a solid email marketing welcome message campaign if you are collecting email addresses on your site or blog.

You are collecting email addresses right?

The simplest way to get an email address is to put a form on your site and ask your readers to sign-up for some type of newsletter content sent out by you at a specific time.

But what do you do after someone subscribes?


...when someone gives you their email address, set up 4 autoresponder email marketing welcome messages that gives them great content, provides value, and gets them engaging with the emails you send.

This is good for...

  • You - because it increases the chances readers will open your emails

  • Your Reader - because it provides a ton of value to them from the start

  • Email Delivery Platforms (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.) - because every action a reader takes within your email (open, click, reply, or forward) establishes that your email message is legitimate and decreases the chances of it ending up in the SPAM folder

All of your email marketing welcome messages can be easily automated with the right email marketing service.

Sample Email Marketing Welcome Messages

If you'd like to use something similar feel free to copy and paste the outline below the images and modify it for your own purposes.

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Email Marketing Welcome Messages
Email Marketing Welcome Messages
Email Marketing Welcome Messages

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Email #1
Send immediately after your reader subscribes

Subject: Welcome to (NAME OF YOUR SITE)

Thank your reader for subscribing.

Introduce yourself and tell your subscriber what they can expect from you, 3-10 bullet points about the type of valuable content you will send them.

Here’s what you can expect from us…

(Specific type of content, tips, answers to questions, etc. related to your niche that your subscriber will care about)

  • Helpful downloads, guides, checklists etc. 
  • Special Deals
  • Invites to special events
  • Whatever extra value your newsletter will provide

Explain to your subscriber what your purpose(s)/goal(s) are in sending them emails. 

Explain in more detail how each bullet point will be valuable to them. 

Ask the reader to whitelist your email address/add your email to their safe senders list (Tip: Explain what this means in more detail if you think some readers may not understand.)

I also include instructions on how to do this (just to be efficient). You can either write your own or link them to another site.

I send my readers to this site, it has pretty detailed instructions for most major email companies:

Tell your reader “If you don’t whitelist my email address, you risk missing out on what I’m going to send you”. Something to that effect.

Then invite them to follow me on my most active social media account(s) and link to those accounts.

Close the email with your preferred ending (sincerely, cheers, etc.) and your name.

The last thing you do...and this is write a P.S.

No matter how much or how little people read in your email, 90% of people read the P.S. according to Professor Siegfried Vogele in his famous studies of direct mail response (Voegele, Handbook of Direct Mail, p 202).

In the P.S. you want to do what’s called “opening a loop”. 

Tell them that as an added bonus for subscribing, you are going to send them 3 of your best (related to your niche) types of content you have to offer (i.e. whitepaper/PDF, case study, guide, report, resource list, handout, etc.) in the next few days.

Be sure it is something that will provide value to them.

Tell them that tomorrow they will get the first of 3. Briefly explain what it is and how it will help.

End with a qualifying statement like “Stay tuned…” or “Watch for it in your email tomorrow”


It’s best if the content in your email marketing welcome messages are downloadable, that helps with automating the process.

If you don’t have 3 downloadable pieces of content, look at the content on your site. What pages get looked at the most? How could you purpose or repurpose that content into a one page handout?

Really think about what kind of content would be valuable to your reader with these email marketing welcome messages.

What type of content/help are they looking for by coming to your site and subscribing to your newsletter? 

To make a handout like this create some content into a Word Document and save it as a PDF…

...BOOM! Instant value.

Make sense?

Alrighty then...let’s move on to the 2nd email you’re going to send (did you catch that Ace Ventura reference?).

Email #2
Send the day after they subscribe

Subject: Our best XXX (as promised)

In the 2nd email start by telling the reader…

“Yesterday, I promised that I would send you (insert type of content) but before I do that I want to introduce myself...”

Then insert a picture of you with your pet, significant other, family (whatever you feel comfortable with, but you should be in the picture at the least).

Write one or two sentences about who you are and the reason you started your site.

Next, link them to the first gift that you promised them from the day before.

Describe to them why this piece of content is going to be beneficial to them. If it is a downloadable item you could link them to how to get Adobe Reader, if you prefer.

Then close the email.

Finally, in the P.S., tell them that you changed your mind, that you always like to overdeliver, and that you will be giving them the second of the three gifts right now.

Say something like "See it pays to read my messages all the way through".

Then link to the second gift, and explain it's benefits.

Remind them that they are still going to receive another gift from you tomorrow and to watch for an email that says "Here's Your Third Gift".

Email #3
Send 2 days after they subscribe

Subject: Here's Your 3rd Gift

In your 3rd email, you want to remind your reader of the value you have sent them over the last two days.

Start by saying "Yesterday you received:"

Then list gifts 1 and 2 and reiterate its benefits they will receive from those gifts.

Also remind them that you sent a picture of you and your pet, significant other, or family, and attach the picture again if you'd like.

Then say, "if you missed those, you can do a quick search in your inbox for it, the subject line is: (type the subject line that you used an email 2)". If you think your readers what appreciate the humor, you could say "Go ahead and check, I'll wait."

If you wouldn't normally say something like that, leave that out. The most important thing is to write these emails using your personality as much as possible.

Next, tell them you have saved the best for last. Then explain what gift and number 3 is, tell them the benefits of it, and link them to it.

Then, close the email with your name.

Leave a P.S. that reminds them to Whitelist your email address, check out your blog (link to it too), or follow you on social media (provide links to the social networks you are the most active on).

Email #4
Send 4 days after they subscribe

Subject: Thank you again for joining us

This is your final follow up in the series.

It should be quick and to the point (but still have content and value).

Tell them you hope they have enjoyed the free content you have been sending.

Link to all of the content they have received (sometimes they miss one or two or both emails with your free content in it.)

Remind them to whitelist your email address.

Encourage them to join you on your favorite Social Media Platform.

Invite them to tell their friends.

To do this, type out a quick message that they could copy and paste in a separate email with a link to the "XX Reasons to Join the XX List" page on your website (if you don't have one of these...make one!). Use ours for reference.

Finally, let them know they are free to unsubscribe at anytime AND tell them how to do so (e.x. "Click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email").

I don't want them to unsubscribe.

But by telling them how to do it will build trust for those who wish to stay with you, but more importantly... will automate the task of getting people off your list who would otherwise not open, not click, and damage your deliverability rates.

Trust don't want people on your list who don't want to be there.

It just annoys them and ruins your reputation with the Email Service Providers.

In conclusion

Having a solid email marketing welcome message campaign set up through your email service will:

  • increase open rates
  • reader engagement
  • click through rates
  • conversion rates
  • keep your email reputation positive
  • and ultimately improve your email deliverability

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