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Email Marketing: Ten Proven Steps to Creating a Successful Email List and Building Authority with Email Marketing

Email Marketing Books

Let me just say right off the bat.

Don't waste your money.

You might as well take your money out of your wallet and just cut it up.

This book is beyond basic.

The grammar is terrible.

The punctuation is terrible.

There's even a part in it where it talks about how you should always make sure that your emails have good punctuation and grammar and then a paragraph later he used really terrible grammar in it.

Whoever Jerry Kershen is, he really should not be writing books about email marketing. The information in this book is like he just took what little knowledge he had about email marketing and threw it up in a book.

If you look through it, there's no headings. Well, there's one heading. No table of contents, no page numbers. It's just little blips of little paragraphs.

It's like he just had all these random thoughts and just put them down. But one that I really want to share with you is here closer to the end.

It says "Where can you buy mailing lists?".

First of all he's talking about buying mailing lists, which is a huge no-no in pretty much every email marketers book.

And then he talks a little bit more and mentions a couple of additional things. But after that he talks about the subject of "Where do you buy mailing lists?", again.

So it's all this random information just thrown up on pages.

Something that I thought was funny was a part about "how to create e-mail lists".

If you look online there are tons of great legitimate ways to create an e-mail list or to generate opt-ins to your e-mail list.

But this is what Jerry has to say.

A little paragraph of maybe two sentences is how he suggests you create an e-mail list.

"First it is needed to follow up with some important prospects you need to optimize the email and manage your list. Then you need to update the email list."

That's how you create one.

That's how you create an email list.

That's how you generate e-mails and get opt-ins.

The information in this book is absolute garbage and a waste of time.

There's absolutely no meat in it.

If the paper was softer I would probably rip out all the pages and use it as toilet paper. That's how bad this book is.

So do not waste your money.

When I found it on Amazon it had about seven reviews but they were all five stars.

Somebody I do like to read is a guy named Grant Cardone, and Grant says that some of the most successful people in the world read up to 60 books a year.

He also says, the successful person will buy a book and look for that one nugget of information that's going to make him a million dollars or have a ton of value for him/her.

In contrast, he says, unsuccessful people only read maybe one or two books a year and they will spend their time looking for a way to get the book half off.

So I thought to myself, this book only has seven reviews but I'll give it a shot.

I think it was $7-10.

I bought it and can honestly say there is not even one nugget of information in it that is remotely worthwhile.

If you visit my main book review page, you'll notice that I have a "GOOD BOOKS" section, which are books I recommend you buy, and I link to those books.

I also have a "BAD BOOKS" section of books to avoid. Those books do not have a link to them because I don't even want to show you where to get them. They're that bad!

So bottom line, do not buy this book...

Consider yourself warned :)

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